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I am Anthony Russomanno (AR) and have spent more time that I should admit with college admissions, SATs, ACTs, college lists, coaching, recruiting, coaching, business practices, marketing plans, branding, sports games, and just dealing with panic: You name it, I've worked with it. It all seems so critical when families and individuals are going through it with no end in sight. These countless hours working one-on-one and in groups with students, families, educators, and staff have allowed me to put together a planned approach that will relieve some stress while adding some excitement to the process.


Most recently I built (from scratch) the Futureology college and career counseling program for the Capistrano Unified School District from 2016 - 2020 that annually delivered 1000+ one on one college and career counseling appointments, 150+ events and workshops annually including the College Fair while improving college readiness rates at all 6 high schools overall.


I have spent the previous 25+ years in the test preparation and admissions industry with a leading education company serving on a national, regional, and local level as an executive in student and customer service, content and product management, and sales and marketing as well as an SAT and ACT tutor,


Finally, my experience working with children, adolescents and families as a family and group therapy counselor, helped me incorporate aspects of psychology into the mindset and methodology of this process. 


One relationship, speech and event at a time. Not realizing it at the time, I was actually nurturing this new business during these years counseling thousands of college and grad school-bound students, families and counselors in the search and prep process. I personally delivered over 2000 presentations at high schools, colleges, conferences, companies and community events as an expert in the field of admissions and test preparation plus organized over 1000 more workshops and information sessions for schools, partners, and educators.


Trust our process. I honed my expertise and drove my own personal brand and credibility by word of mouth from clients and families who were appreciative that I made the testing and admissions process less stressful and showed them exactly how to achieve their goals. As a national partnership manager, I continued to develop and customize the process for hundreds of student service organizations and employee loyalty programs. I cultivated and customized relationships with districts and groups such as Capistrano Unified and Saddleback Valley Unified School Districts, the NFL, Pearson Embanet, and Union Plus and furthered my niche consulting with start ups and other businesses. 


I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

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