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The sport you love should only be one reason you and your family need to take into consideration. We are committed to assisting families find the "right fit" (athletic, academic, social, financial) and navigating the college recruiting process with success and confidence while maximizing your chances of being recruited by the colleges of your choice.

Rookie: One 1 Hour Meeting

Minimal commitment up front. Ideal for student-athletes at the very early stages of the process or right in the thick of it! We will assist you in utilizing this time to identify targets and tactics to best meet YOUR needs. May include: Student-Athlete Assessment & Evaluation, Guidance in building your information base on college search and Student Athlete Profile/Resume Writing Program.


Varsity: 3 Hour Package 

Minimal commitment up front. Ideal for student-athletes needing specific areas of assistance. The student will have three 1-hour meetings. Streamline the process including items such as:           

  • Identify best options to attract the attention of college coaches

  • Develop marketing tactics and assets

  • Simplified strategies to help you build momentum

  • Roundtable questions and answers to best clarify the process

  • Develop an Individual Action Plan

  • Create a detailed College Coach Contact List

  • Mock interviews, elevator pitch, and phone calls

  • Detailed preparation for campus visits and meetings with coaches


Pro: Program for Freshman, Sophomore, Juniors, & Seniors 

This advisement option includes one-on-one meetings plus email and phone support. We are with you every step of the way to help you plan, organize, manage and execute important procedures that are necessary for confident and successful navigation of the college recruiting process. Sample targets:

  • Initial academic and athletic evaluation

  • Guidance in selecting colleges and athletic programs that potentially “match”

  • College search introduction - investigating college sports opportunities

  • Building an educational foundation and understanding recruiting procedures

  • Academic eligibility & course review with academic and testing planning

  • Athletic and activity advising

  • Athletic profile brainstorm and building – website + sports resume advising

  • Creation of branding and marketing assets – social media + emails

  • Create initial correspondence with coaches, review and edit

  • Communication coaching & strategy + mock interviews

  • Assist the club/high school coach with their role in the process

  • College visit and sports camp/showcase planning

  • Detailed preparation for campus visits

  • Guidance in navigating D-3, Ivy League and select, non-scholarship admissions

  • Assistance with athletic scholarships

  • College athletic program matching

  • Review offers and financial aid packages

  • SAT, ACT, PSAT and SAT Subject Practice Testing & Analysis

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