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Athletic Recruiting Guidance

Testing & Prep Guidance

Group  Seminars

I began AR Advising precisely with the goal of connecting with students and families on important life decisions and providing a solution for success. We are a family service that gets to know you and cares about growing the relationship. Personalization and expertise are the foundations of our company. We make it easy for you to communicate with us and actively engage you in the steps you will need to do in order to navigate the process. Let us help you achieve your college goals in a location and at a time of your preference. We either work with you in-home, at a convenient location, or live online.
  • Save time, money, and worry by allowing a college admissions expert to do all the "heavy-lifting"

  • Minimize the risk of doing something wrong or wasteful in the application process

  • Maximize the chances of academic and athletic scholarship & acceptance into best-fit colleges

  • Private one-on-one counseling and consulting

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We will help you determine if our program is a great fit.

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