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Tipping the Scale

The admissions policies are changing these days so there is a lot of confusion on the best ways to approach the process and get in. Increasingly, admissions officers are depending upon the intangibles - essays, activities, interviews, "story" - to guide their decisions. With so many applicants, it becomes difficult to differentiate candidates. Tip the scale in your favor and benefit from our professional experience.


Personal Attention

We provide the individualized attention that many guidance counselors and school advisors cannot offer. We strongly believe they are qualified, well trained, dedicated, and very knowledgeable about the process. unfortunately, there is simply a limited amount of time and attention that a school counselor and advisor can give to any one students (ratio student: counselor is 478:1, in CA it's 1016:1). We limit the numbers of students we work with so out students receive the attention and assistance they require.



Our aim is to empower students. The choice of college and career is the first of many life-altering, independent decisions they will make. The stress they face is enormous and often overwhelming even for the most gifted students and athletes. our goal is to decrease this stress as much as possible by making the admissions and recruiting process more manageable. We also recognize that the process may be confusing and quite stressful for parents. We make every attempt to provide parents with information, guidance, and support during this period.


Bite Sized Pieces

The overall strategy is to break the components of the process down into small pieces so each piece itself is not overwhelming and the student can accomplish each individual task or action.

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