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Deciding on a college and career will be a major decision in a student’s life. These days, students are nearly expected to take on a schedule of classes and extracurriculars that overwhelm them. Indeed, an impressive resume is necessary for success, but it is extremely common for students to sleep little and completely stress-out in the process.
Finding the “right fit” means there are multiple reasons why you want to attend a specific college. We are committed to assisting families develop an informed and systematic approach to navigating college with success and confidence. Our purpose is to understand and appreciate the individual needs of each family we advise, and provide them with sound planning and effective guidance to determine which colleges best fit your academic, social, and financial needs. We are with you every step of the way to help you plan, organize, manage and execute important procedures, while decreasing the stress as much as possible. We also recognize that the admissions process may be confusing for parents. We make every attempt to provide parents with information, guidance, and support during this period.
We offer programs tailored to specific grade levels (8th-12th grades). While a student’s grade level determines the specific nature of our work together, here is a sampling of some of the services we provide within our college counseling programs:
  • Guidance in school selection and programs that potentially “match” preference criteria
  • Initial evaluation of student needs and family goals to establish a customized long-term plan
  • Evaluation of academic history and review of course and testing records
  • Career assessments and interpretation with assistance with selecting a major
  • Building an educational foundation and understanding admission procedures
  • Testing plan - SAT, ACT, PSAT, Subject Tests, AP exams
  • Evaluation and guidance for student activities, interests, internships, and leadership experiences
  • Personal profile and resume development
  • Assistance in the development of both long and short term goals and targets
  • College visit planning
  • Essay brainstorm development, drafting and editing
  • Application assistance (Seniors) - final application editing/submission, and deadline tracking
  • Interview preparation (Seniors)
  • Strategic admissions plan designed to give the best possible chance for admission to the right school
  • Review of financial offers and, if necessary, support for waitlist offers, deferrals, and appeals
Program Descriptions:

One-on-one meetings with additional email and phone support. Expert insight and guidance to develop customized

timelines and a personal profile that best reflects your strengths. 10-hour, 30-hour and Unlimited packages available.

→JUMPSTART: 8th - 10th Grades

Provides younger students with a customized roadmap based on goals to empower to make informed choices. Focuses on academic planning, life interests, and the tools and guidance to navigate the process (and beyond) including activity selection and strategy for testing, visits, summer, and career exploration. 1-hour, 3-hour and 10-hour packages available.


→PAY AS YOU GO: 1-hour or 3-hour Packages

Drive your own process. Best for families who want help for specific parts of the process - college list creation or analysis, timelines, testing analysis or strategies, essay review, interview prep, resume completion, activity planning or general decision making. In-person meeting or liveonline consultations available.


Flexible depends on the number of essays. Includes brainstorming, topic selection, outlining, editing & content feedback.

10-hour, 30-hour and Unlimited packages available.

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We will help you determine if our program is a great fit.

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