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We do NOT offer SAT or ACT tutoring but we do provide personalized counseling in regards to testing options based on your college goals. Our unique insights and abilities allow us to anticipate student needs and provide customized solutions that work for each individual - whether it is a referral to an SAT or ACT test preparation provider or make a testing timeline and plan.


College admissions exams prove challenging because their standardized nature means there is a gap between the design of the test and what students do in their regular academic lives. Much of what students have to do on these tests looks nothing like what they would do in courses on the same subjects. We can help you make your plan of actions.

1.5 Hour Test Consultation - One 1.5 hour meeting

Minimal commitment up front. Ideal for students at the very early stages of the prep process or right in the thick of it with fast-approaching deadlines! We will give an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and help you put a plan in place for prepping, create a customized testing timeline, and give you specific pointers to maximize your score. We can also set you up with a practice test with a score analysis to make our meeting more effective.


If you are already part of the counseling program, this information and guidance will be covered in your general meetings with your counselor.

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Don't Know Where To Start? Try A Free Practice SAT or ACT?

Contact us by email and we will set you up with an exam to determine your prep needs and baseline score..

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