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We hear tons of familes and individuals everyday mention the stress and anxiety when talking about college admissions, tests, careers, scholarships, essays, selectivity, and sports. We are here to offer all our passion, creativity, and expertise to introduce a sense of clarity, enjoyment and possibility into that process; to make the experience ultimately as rewarding and meaningful as possible. That is why we built a hands-on personalized counseling service that partners with students and their families to aid them throughout the college admissions and recruiting process. We'll assist you in the search for academic and athletic opportunities and scholarships while building a solid foundation of success for high school and beyond.


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We are passionate about helping teach, train and educate. A family business with over 50 years combined in the Education industry. We will take great care of you and get you results.


Dear Mr. Russomanno, Thank you so much for the great advice. You are truly the expert, connoisseur, and

savant of college planning. 

- CVHS Junior,

Mission Viejo, CA

The meeting with Anthony provided both my son and I with an abundance of information, inspiration and practical insight. There is always so much to gain from Anthony's wealth of knowledge and engaging style. I know my son especially benefited from our meeting as his college admissions dream begins to come into focus . Thanks again Anthony for always being so generous with your time and resources.

- Mom of SJHHS Junior,

San Juan Capistrano, CA

Anthony propelled my score so that I was able to get my Division I soccer scholarship and be eligible to compete my first year. (College Choice - UC Irvine)

- Luis, Mater Dei HS Graduate

Santa Ana, CA

I will say that my daughter got into her first choice UC – which is UC San Diego, and we owe this achievement in large part to the help we received. My daughter did everything Anthony advised, took all his feedback, and she is glad she did!

- Mom, SCHS Senior

San Clemente, CA

Hi Anthony, First, thank you for this list. I was truly impressed that you ran this list and thought of this. Talk about going above and beyond. I also want you to know that I’ve had such a feeling of anxiety/worry/fear about the whole college process. Our time with you gave me hope that we can, that it’ll be a good fit for her and that perhaps it won’t leave us penniless for retirement in the end. Thank you again for your time.

- Mom of ANHS Sophomore 

Aliso Viejo, CA

Anthony, Thank you for taking the time and showing a personal interest in CJ. Your advice and critique regarding his essays made all of the difference. Thanks for caring. (College Choice - UCLA)

- Dad, ANHS Graduate

Aliso Viejo, CA

He was accepted to TCU o with $14K per year in academic money! Super grateful for your help.

- Dad, SJHHS Graduate

Ladera Ranch, CA

At the end of the day, our experience really comes down to everything you told us the very first time we met with you!!! Clearly at that time we had no idea how to absorb it all and so much you have to experience yourself. As more and more kids grow increasingly nervous about college acceptances  we feel really really lucky that she got into her top 2 choices early February plus accepted at SDSU Honor college, UCSB, USD, USC, and Pepperdine. My number one thing I would say to prospective parents is to have their child apply where the child has the best chance to go to a school that wants them and has a lot to offer. Not just apply to a “name” (So many do). We knew that at the state schools with her GPA and test scores she would be in the top percent. Apply where they would be glad to have you. USD is also a good fit for her. There is so much competition out there that you can spend a lot of time feeling bad about not getting into colleges that weren’t for you in the first place.Thank you SO very much for all your help and guidance. (College Choice - USD)

- Mom, SCHS Graduate

San Clemente, CA

Wow, THANK YOU Anthony for the step x step. This is exactly what we needed.  We’re on it.  We plan to do it exactly as you’ve asked.

- DHHS Senior 

Dana Point, CA

Anthony, Thank you so much for helping me with my college essays. You taught me how to write about a good subject in an interesting and unique way. More importantly you helped me discover who I am. I really believe that my essays put me over the edge and into my dream schools and I have you to thank for that. I got accepted to both UCSB and UCLA.  These were my top two choices and I’m so happy that I’m faced with the tough decision of choosing.  Hope all is well with you and thank you so much for all the wonderful help and advice!

- ANHS Senior

Aliso Viejo, CA

Anthony really has a terrific rapport with his students and not only knows how to show them an effective approach, but also knows how to guide and motivate them. Anthony cares about his students. Our first son is enrolled at UCLA. Our second son attends USC and I know our third and final child will get into the college of his choosing after working through Anthony’s effective plan.

- Geri, Mom from

Newport Beach, CA

She just couldn’t wait. Felt so at home at OU. They say you will know when you know. I don’t know if she told you but she also received a very generous scholarship (Distinguished Scholar) from OU that almost takes her to in state tuition level for the 4 years. We can not begin to thank you for your part in that!! I sing your praises to everyone! Thank you thank you! You have made this process so much easier. (College Choice - U of Oklahoma)

- Mom, SCHS Graduate

San Clemente, CA

Good morning Anthony- He’s been accepted at Colorado State, St. Mary’s, Seattle University and UC Riverside in business and at Colorado undeclared. Thanks again for all of your hard work and great perspective on picking & choosing colleges. (College Choice - UC Riverside)

- Dad, CVHS Senior

Mission Viejo, CA

You have exceeded our expectations in every way. Your time and effort (on a Saturday, HOLIDAY WEEKEND no less) showed tremendous dedication and devotion. We are so appreciative and thankful for the clarity, critique and confidence you poured into him. There is no way he would have been able to accomplish as much (and so well) if it weren’t for you. Thank you very much.

- Mom, SCHS Senior 

San Clemente, CA

Anthony is an amazing tutor. We are simply in awe of the work he did with our son. From the very first lesson, he was completely engaged and motivated. And the results speak for themselves. He got a perfect score on the SAT Writing/Reading section for an overall score of 1470! (College Choice - NYU)

- Mom 

Framingham, MA

I wanted to give you an update and thank you for all of your time and information that you provided for Bryson's recruiting process. So, Bryson applied to Cal Poly, UNC Chapel Hill, William & Mary, Baylor, and University of Virginia. He then went on official visits to Cal Poly and Baylor. He emailed all of the coaches he had applied to. He heard back from all of them and Univ of Virginia wanted him to come out right away. Two weeks later he was visiting UVA and the following week committed to UVA.  Everything fell into place at the right time. He is very excited. Bryson had been staying in touch with all of these coaches periodically for the last several months.  I just want to thank you for all of your guidance and help. I know you have supported many student athletes reach their goals and dreams. I wish you continued success.  (College Choice - UVA)

- Mom, SJHHS Graduate

Ladera Ranch, CA

Thank you again for the time you spent with us. I am working with the girls’ basketball schedules to align with the plan you provided. Again, I really appreciate you sharing your wealth of knowledge with us and the professional manner in which you support your clients.

- Bryan, Dad from

Orange County, CA

Thank you so much!!! Answer to my prayers!!!

- Mom, CVHS Senior

Ladera Ranch, CA

Hi Anthony, Just wanted to reach out and say thank you again for your help with my daughter with the applications and essays. She was admitted  to several great options – UCSC, UCSD, Monterrey Bay, and SLO but she has selected the International Business program at SDSU.  She loves the campus and really loves the practical, hands on approach of the business program. Off and running. Thanks again for the help.

- Mom, CVHS Graduate

Mission Viejo, CA

Thank you Anthony, for your time, your input…all of it.  So helpful.  All this digging deep stuff has made Jamie realize that she probably likes molecular biology and genetics more than traditional engineering – which is good. Even better news, Jamie was accepted to UC San Diego in her major. Wanted you to know. Thanks for all your help and support.

- Mom, SCHS Graduate

San Clemente, CA

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